Who We Are

At AutumnCare, we operate by a set of values, and these are upheld in what we do every day. Our values are:

  • We do the right thing 
  • We love to solve big problems
  • Your residents are our family
  • We love technology
  • We have fun
  • We’re proactive. We move fast, we drive results
  • We respect and value each other

Though AutumnCare produces software, our focus is on people, and how we can make their lives better. Our company culture reflects this. 

At AutumnCare we are a diverse team, and we draw on ideas from a pool of different experiences. Our staff have backgrounds in a broad range of areas, from nursing to IT support, project management, marketing, law, software development and quality assessment. Everyone is here because they have the same set of values, and genuinely believe they can make lives better through their work with AutumnCare. 

Have a look at what our staff have to say about working at AutumnCare:

The values at AutumnCare that are most important to us are, your residents are our family. By that we mean, we try to help the residents in aged care facilities through our software and our applications. We believe our software is helping the care workers who are caring for the residents.

Tim Jones, COO

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